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Author: Rosie Fuller



I’d never heard of Rolson, so when I stumbled across the company and discovered the Multi Function Lock Back Knife, I was keen to try it out. At £19.95 the multi-tool looks like a great buy. It has 12 functions, including three knives (one straight edge, one saw and one fine edge), a multitude of screwdrivers, an awl, a ruler and, of course, a bottle opener. 

Where the tool differs from the other tools in this review is that it doesn’t feature the typical pliers; instead you get an incredibly sharp utility blade. This is bound to put some people off, but if you find that pliers tend to stay folded away in your multi-tools then you might prefer such a sharp blade, which makes cutting rope easy.

While the utility knife is brutally sharp, the other blades are on the blunt side, though the aggressive teeth on the saw make it effective at cutting wood. All of the implements lock easily into place and the tool has a solid, weighty feel to it.

If you’re looking for a cheap multi-tool that you can use around the house and on the occasional weekend camping trip where you’re likely to only need a tool for opening beer bottles and food packets then this one is worth considering.

AT rating: 7/10

Rolson Multi Function Lock Back Knife Review
70%Overall Score
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