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Author: Rosie Fuller


Like me you probably did a double take when you saw the price of the Swisstool CS Plus, but as soon as you pick up the tool it’s clear to see why it’s so expensive. It’s like a work of art, from the beautiful leather pouch to the perfectly smooth opening movement and the sharp knife.

The CS Plus comes with a whopping 38 functions, from your standard pliers, knives and scissors (which all individually lock into place), to a useful screwdriver set that features a variety of heads, from Phillips to Torx to Hex. If there was ever a multi-tool that would replace your home tool box at the same time as being your implement to take adventuring, this is it.

The pliers are solid and the grip is comfortable. All of the tools are accessible from the outside and the 6.5cm knife is razor sharp, as is the sturdy, useful serrated blade. All of the other tools are excellent quality and do their jobs exceptionally well. It might seem like a lot of money for a multi-tool but this is worth saving up for. The craftsmanship, the quality of components, the variety of tools and the prestige of the brand all make the Swisstool CS Plus an exceptionally great multi-tool.

AT rating: 9/10

Victorinox Swisstool CS Plus Review
90%Overall Score
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